Open Positions

Ministry Consultant

You will often here our team say: "We're Here to Serve". Serving on staff at the local church is sometimes a handful. You are responsible for so much. Faithson Solutions is designed to help serve the local Church. We serve our clients by taking care of the important technology based tasks, such as updating their website; that often gets put on the back burner.

You job would be to set appointments with perspective clients. You are not responsible to sell services. You are the ice-breaker. You can set appointments anyway that you fell comfortable. 


  • Experience with non-profit organizations 
  • Experience in sales and customer service 


  • Partner with Churches in ministry
  • Work from home and set your own schedule
  • A great place to work
  • Make as much $$$ as you want
  • Available Health Insurance


  1. Build relationships with local churches
  2. Give away free stuff
  3. Set meetings with perspective clients


  1. Set no less than 5 Appointments a Month 
  2. Fun and Outgoing
  3. Great Communicator 
  4. Social Media Expert


This is a 10-99 Position, you are responsible for your own taxes. 

Get $50 for every appointment you set!

20% Commission of net sales.




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